Like nature our lives have different seasons, we can’t always be in full bloom. Are you looking for practices for sustainable growth in your personal development? A soulful season is about being present and supported to keep growing from every season as well as fully enjoying what each season has to offer. Let your inner knowing guide you and when you’re ready, dare to bloom!

Be inspired and find your toolset and support on your journey. We need different things at different times and you have that inner wisdom to know what that is, you only need to learn how to listen. Quieting down the "noises" around you, your ego and other things that are holding you back and clouding your vision. Peel of the layers that aren't you and become who you truly are. 

The Season of Release & Replenish

Are you feeling burnt out, like you've lost yourself, in recovery or just in need of rest and self care? The season of Release and Replenish is a self pased course for everyone to come back to when they need some extra care. Filled with yoga, meditation, self care and soul care practices for you to be able to take really good care of yourself. This inner season is just like natures fall, we drop our leaves, we rest, replenish, integrate learnings from previous seasons, we pause before we can grow even taller next season. Just like seeds we need rest before we can start to grow. How long this season lasts is different for everyone, you might need weeks, months or even years. The suggested schedule with practices is for 21 days which is as long as it is said it takes to make a new habit, a habit of taking good care of you!

When you buy your Soulful season you will receive a guidebook to help you navigate your season and to find the practices. You will also receive audio files of the meditations in the course. Sign up for A Soulful Seasons newsletter and you will be the first to know when it's live. It will be available in both English and Swedish. 

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