Charlotte Stomilovic...

is your soul guide, creating soul space and guiding you through your soulful seasons. She wants you to find your own way of listening to your inner voice, empower you and support you on your path. Helping you to find your unique essence and abilities and fully trusting yourself. She wants to be that someone who holds your hand on your journey going through your seasons and cycles in life. Her mission is to support you to feel good in your soul, body & mind no matter what season you’re in.

Why Charlottes creates soulful seasons:

Charlotte had ha nudging feeling, a whisper that got stronger and stronger until she had to listen. She realized she wasn’t living her dream life, she was living the life she thought was expected of her, the one she had been conditioned to and believed was her own. She had stopped listening to her inner voice, her inner guidance and had started following the dreams and guidance of other as if it was her own. She had gotten lost in other peoples energies and blended in instead of shining her own light. She loves to be creative and to inspire others and that wasn’t possible in the 9-5 job she had, so she quit and is now lives a soul-led life where she listens to her inner guidance, her intuition. Since experienced burnout twice and also entering into the season of motherhood she understands that life moves through cycles of different inner seasons and you need support during those seasons.

What Charlotte has found through her challenges is that she can trust herself and her inner guidance. You and your inner voice matters the most in your life. It is so easy to people please especially if you're highly sensitive. When you are able to feel into others needs you might even mistake them to be your own. Getting to know your energy, your unique essence will empower you. Knowing how it feels to be in alignment you also know when you are no longer in balance. Charlotte thought she was on her path but she was just listening to others, what she thought was right to do, what society taught her was right. It is hard to walk your own path, people might not always get it. Charlotte wants to guide others to follow their own guidance by finding their inner voice.

How she works: 

An holistic approach that involves the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self is always in focus whatever method that is used in a session, course or event created by A Soulful Season. wheather its the Dynamic Healing Method, Breathwork, Yoga, Reiki, meditation or something else Charlotte is guided by her intuition and creates what her soul is calling her to create.

Charlottes strongest psychic sense is clairsentience (feeling) and also claircognizance (inner knowing) which serves as a powerful tool in helping others. She is able to guide you by connecting and feeling into your energy and connect you to your inner guidance. You have the power to change your energy and become your own healer. Through breathwork, meditation and envisioning you are able to change your frequency, your energy, clear old energy chords and patterns, igniting your aura and being able to manifest what you want in your life. 

Spirituality is a way of connecting to yourself, spending time with your soul. Connecting your soul, body and mind. Charlottes first step towards living a more spiritual life was through yoga. Yoga is about finding out what works for you, what feels good, tension release, moving energy and listening to your body and soul which usually leads to quieting the mind. Yoga will always be Charlottes foundation, maybe your foundation is different but she hopes to inspire you to try some yoga moves. She will also be introducing you to other alternatives like meditation, spiritual tools, inner guidance techniques, energy work and more. There are many different ways to get to know your inner guidance and she would love to be your guide while you explore.

About Charlotte

Born in Sweden and apart from a few years abroad in England and Canada she has spent her life living there. She loves working internationally and guides in both English and Swedish. She has studied International Management and Business Administration but her heart is in soul guidance. She is a certified Dynamic Healer and breathwork facilitator, yoga guide (Strala Yoga), Pre- and post-natal yoga guide (Birth-Yoga) Reiki Master (Traditional Usui Reiki by Reikiakademien & Sanna Wilén) and Intuitive development and energy healing (Anna Gannon).

If you know Human Design she is a 1/3 Manifesting Generator which means that she is a multi passionate knowledge seeker and explorer. Some things work and some doesn’t but the only way to find out is to try for yourself, and she loves to try new things. Her strongest sense is outer vision, she likes to create things that are beautiful and to make her life more beautiful by adding a sense of magic into her day to day life. 

Let's work together!