The Dynamic Healing Method created by Cari Marriam is a holistic method that works on nurturing and healing all four levels of self; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through somatic coaching and breathwork it connects and integrates all parts of you which leads to sustainable holistic transformation. This is not a method that aims to make you someone you're not, it makes you become more completely and unapologetically you. Working with the Dynamic Healing Method will make you feel empowerd and embodied. You will feel like you've got your power, voice and choice back.

1:1 Coaching

Are you ready for powerful shifts and expansion in your life? This is the space for me to support you in catching your dreams. I will walk along side of you supporting you on your journey. We will dive deeply and get clerar on your wants and desires and aligning your mind, body and soul to it by shedding light on your shadows, becoming aware of your fears, limiting beleifs and missunderstandings. Attuning you to the endless possibilites in your life, YOU decide where you want to go and how you want to live. Healing is not a one time thing it is continuous work. Big transformation can be achieved and shifted in a one off session but if your looking for deep transformational work we will need more time together to peel off all the layers to find your core. 

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